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Font Names    Full Font Name : Earwig Factory Font Family Name : Earwig Factory Font SubFamily Name : Regular Font Unique Name : RayLarabie: Earwig Factory: 1998 PostScript Font Name : EarwigFactory IBM Font Class    Class : No Classification Subclass : Panose Classification    Family kind : Text and Display Serif Style : Any Weight : Thin Proportion : Any Contrast : Any Stroke Variation : Any Arm Style : Any Letter Form : Any Midline : Any X-Height : Any Font Family : Swiss (Sans Serif) Font Style : Regular Font File(s)    Path : EARWIGFA.TTF Date : 2/22/2004 5:32:02 PM Size : 49.8 kb Font Characteristics    Width Class : Medium (normal) Weight Class : Normal (Regular) Type    This is a TrueType Font. Embedding   Installable Embedding Supported Code Pages    Default Codepage 1252 (ANSI (Western)) Supported Unicode Pages    - Basic Latin ( bit 0 ) - Latin-1 Supplement ( bit 1 ) - Latin Extended-A ( bit 2 ) - Spacing Modifier Letters ( bit 5 ) - General Punctuation ( bit 31 ) - Currency Symbols ( bit 33 ) - Letterlike Symbols ( bit 35 ) Supported tables    LTSH, OS/2, VDMX, cmap, cvt , fpgm, gasp, glyf, hdmx, head, hhea, hmtx, kern, loca, maxp, name, post, prep Version    Version 2.000 2004 Copyright    1998 Ray Larabie. This font is freeware. Read attached text file for details. Info & updates visit www.larabiefonts.com. Donations gratefully accepted at www.larabiefonts.com/donation.html. Also visit my commercial type foundry at www.typodermic.com. This font was updated in 2004. Description Originally created in 1998. Accents added in 2004. Larabie Fonts is able to offer unique free fonts through the generous support of visitors to the site. Making fonts is my full-time job and every donation, in any amount, enables me to continue running the site and creating new fonts. If you would like to support Larabie Fonts visit www.larabiefonts.com for details. Designer Ray Larabie http://www.typodermic.com Manufacturer Ray Larabie http://www.larabiefonts.com

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