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Font Names    Full Font Name : ChillyMoe Font Family Name : ChillyMoe Font SubFamily Name : Regular Font Unique Name : ChillyMoe PostScript Font Name : ChillyMoe IBM Font Class    Class : No Classification Subclass : Panose Classification    Family kind : Any Serif Style : Any Weight : Thin Proportion : Any Contrast : Any Stroke Variation : Any Arm Style : Any Letter Form : Any Midline : Any X-Height : Any Font Family : Swiss (Sans Serif) Font Style : Regular Font File(s)    Path : ChillyMoe.ttf Date : 10/10/1997 11:44:06 AM Size : 32.7 kb Font Characteristics    Width Class : Medium (normal) Weight Class : Normal (Regular) Type    This is a TrueType Font. Embedding   Restricted Embedding Supported Code Pages    Default Codepage 1252 (ANSI (Western)) Supported Unicode Pages    - Basic Latin ( bit 0 ) - Latin-1 Supplement ( bit 1 ) Supported tables    OS/2, PCLT, cmap, cvt , fpgm, glyf, hdmx, head, hhea, hmtx, loca, maxp, name, post, prep Version 1.0 of this wanna be Franken-Dork Font Copyright    1997 OMEGA Font Labs - All Rights Reserved Trademark    ....we ain't got no stinking Trademark   s!

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